The Wylde

THE WYLDE is an eco conscious and sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand designed for the Modern Woman. Born through the passion to bring life to clothing that is not just for profit, but is equally focused on the impact we can make to redefine the values of fashion through sustainable manufacturing and design.
Founded by Australian designer, photographer and artist Lucette Romy, THE WYLDE launched in October of 2016 and offers a collection of eco conscious and sustainable pieces carefully crafted from natural and raw materials.  As the earth intended, methods of THE WYLDE sustainable design practices include using certified organic textiles, natural plant dyes and ethical manufacturing.
THE WYLDE creates collections that work towards a trans-seasonal approach rather than sticking to seasonal timelines. This is to ensure the brand maintains their ethos and does not overproduce.
THE WYLDE follows a SLOW fashion approach to ensure our pieces are not created with minimal consideration to our workers and the Earth. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, following closely after big oil companies. The environmental impacts caused by the pollutants in the production process, as well as the amount of discarded clothes and excess textiles that end up in landfill are incredibly devastating. THE WYLDE aims to keep a harmonious and balanced relationship with The Earth.
THE WYLDE understand that sustainable practices in the fashion industry face their own challenges; but the brand is committed to making environmentally conscious choices in all of their pieces. THE WYLDE aims to integrate these values through all aspects of the business from product to packaging. All products purchased online are free from plastic and come packaged in a reusable cotton tote bag. Promotional materials and swing tags are recyclable.
THE WYLDE encourages women to consume consciously and thoughtfully by designing classic pieces that cater to women who appreciate high quality. A subtle brand at its heart reflecting the timeless beauty of minimalism and femininity. THE WYLDE offers pieces that feel sophisticated, yet easy going, pieces that translate from bed to beach to bar, or from a fast paced city to a breezy island. Carefully designed to offer sustainability and longevity, with compliments to the Home, the Figure and the Earth


We believe the above speaks for itself, don't you?