Sunad Founders for Ethical Clothing Store Community Concept Store
Sunad is an ethical shirt label from Spain founded by Paloma and Ana and crafted by their talented atelier workers. Both Ana and Paloma have international experience in Design and Management having studied abroad. When they moved back home, they decided to create Sunad.
Since the humble beginnings of Sunad, the girls were very passionate about emulating the values of slow fashion inspired by the way their grandmothers treated their clothes - slowly, and tenderly, with no need to buy new clothes every season because the clothes they had still looked and felt good. They wanted to create timeless garments, from natural fibers, that would be cared for and loved - they wanted to create pieces that would inspire those who bought it to treasure them so that they last for years, season after season. 
The girls couldn't find any women's brands locally that used 100% natural fibers. For this reason, they decided to create timeless pieces with the best quality and natural materials themselves.
They two women also understood that the traditional manufacturing within space was being lost to the competitive prices and pace of the fast fashion industry abroad. Sunad is an attempt to restore, and conserve those traditions by producing shirts locally at a family atelier.
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What Ethical Means to Sunad

Considered Design | Sunad's shirts are designed and made to stand the test of time. The designs are classic, versatile, and seasonless. The production, material, and style are intentionally prepared to last years, and by loved fully.
Small Batch | Sunad makes in small quantities and manufactures all their garments at a single family-run atelier house
Community Empowerment | All Sunads garments are produced locally in Spain by a family atelier, encouraging cultural conservation and supporting the livelihoods of craftsmen.
Natural Materials | All Sunads shirts are made from 100% natural fibers and sourced responsibly.
Environmentally Friendly | Sunads materials are 100% friendly, made from 100% natural fibers, all sourced locally to Spain.