Community is a conscious business, and we are proud to operate with a social impact focus. Sustainability, ethics, reducing our footprint, supporting ocean conservation and community empowerment, are at the forefront of our intentions in running a sustainable, conscious business.
We are constantly striving to improve our systems, further reduce our waste, and leave a positive legacy that enables and empowers consumers to create change not only in the fashion industry, but in their every day lives.

We measure our social impact in the following areas

Transparency with Suppliers |

Community is a market hub for sustainable labels, we ensure that all labels fulfill at least two of the requirements in our statement of ethics. We understand and appreciate that the term ethical has various meanings dependent on an individuals own values. We didn't want to limit brands doing the right thing, simply because they have not attained certification. We believe that small changes, create a large change over time. Our statement of ethics is available for you to read, along with each individual labels story and ethical business practices so you can better determine which label suits you best.

Partnerships & Campaigns |

We work with a selection of influencers and creative labels during our partnerships & campaigns. These are essential to networking, creating stronger communities, and growing as a business. However, we always ensure that all partners associated with Community share & stand for similar values regarding sustainable fashion, ethical business, and honest operations. It is important to work in alignment with our values and ensure we work with those that seek to empower and educate consumers on the subjects of ethical fashion and conscious consumerism.

Educational Empowerment |

We are honest with our consumers, we promise to always tell the truth, we promise to empower you through useful and honest education so that you can make better decisions - conscious decisions. At Community, it is our mission to always promote kinder ways to do business, kinder ways to shop, and kinder ways to simply exist. We are always looking to shed light on topics that you're interested in, topics that will better assist you in contributing to a world you can be proud of.

Green Packaging |

We aim to role model sustainable practices from start to end of our business, in every small way we can. We ask that all labels send their stock free from single-use plastic. In every case, except a few this has been achieved. Our stickers come from Print Together packaging, printed from 100% post-consumer recyclables with environmentally friendly inks and toners. Our Thank You cards come from the Environmental Printing Company here in Perth, once again with 100% recyclable paper and vege-based inks and toners. Our Crepe Paper and Twine are also recycled products sourced from Eco Green.

Green Shipping |

Our sustainability efforts don't stop there. Where possible, we use Sendle to mail our products to you. Sendle is Australia's first B Corp, 100% carbon neutral mailing company. They have achieved this by offsetting their yearly carbon emissions through their partnership with the South Pole Group. In instances where Sendle is not feasible (for instance, internationally) we will use Australia Post. Lastly, our mailing bags have been sourced through the Better Packaging Co. They are made from limestone waste, biodegradable, recyclable, and require only solar power to be made - no water, acids, or bleaches!

Profit For Purpose |

Having years of experience in NGO’s and International Development, we knew that a large part of our focus as a conscious business would be on ensuring that we are a business that does good, a business that empowers, supports, and gives back. We believe it's our moral imperative to redirect portions of our profit towards our earth, oceans & community. We are very proud supporters of Surf Rider Australia, donating $2 of every purchase to their campaign to save our shores and protect our oceans. We aim to support new organisations every six months.


"We aim to be plastic free, we aim to support our communities, and we aim to always be better than yesterday. Our hope is that we can educate, empower and connect with our community to walk toward a lighter, kinder, more intentional existence, together."