Salty Hair

Meet Salty Hair

Brooke Le Page is the heart and soul behind Salty Hair, she both designs and hand makes the clothing for Salty Hair, in the comfort of my own Studio/Space at home on the Gold Coast. 
She grew up in a small country town with her incredible family, recalling lovingly that her backyard was her favourite place to be. One of her most favourite parts about it was that they had this beautiful mandarin tree and they would often sit under it and eat the mandarins freshly and organically off the tree. Brooke grew up learning about nature and spent most of her time exploring the yard; Climbing trees, making fairy gardens, riding her bike, swimming in the pool, making mud pies and eating the fresh fruit off the trees. Her family then moved to a beach town when she was around 14 where she fell in love with the ocean, spending most of her days beside the sea. Tanning and the feeling of diving into the waves quickly became her favourite thing to do. She moved to the Sunshine Coast at sixteen where she's continued to live until last month, when with her family once more she moved, to the Gold Coast. 
Brooke is now 20. She decided that she wanted to start her own business when she saw others doing it. She loves that she can also call her little business a hobby.


Small Batch & Handmade | Brooke makes every item to order and completely on her own, out of pure love and enjoyment.
Mindful Sourcing | Salty Hair uses mostly organic and natural fabrics. As well as recycled and vintage material that has been purchased second hand, upcycling and creating new life from old fabrics.