Rosey Stone

Rosey Stone was launched in the south of France in summer Biarritz, 2015.
Rosey Stone is a designer from France. She grew up in Nepal and Bhutan, and then lived and studied art and anthropology in Paris, followed by many trips to India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, California. She has spent a significant portion of her life devoting her time to volunteering, helping others and is a professional art therapist. It is in the Bengal region of India that she first fell in love with the unique and ancient weaving and hand spinning techniques.
Her collection celebrates timeless and contemporary silhouettes, blending high-quality natural textiles with careful craftsmanship, whilst supporting an ancient art and contributing to a positive change for the local communities. She draws inspiration from nature, art, and meditation.
Her label is a story about the fluidity of fabric and the fluidity of movement possible by wearing these creations. A story about artistic values. Rosey Stone is about caring, empathizing and wanting to create the best, the truest to life, the most real and authentic designs built in authenticity, connection and cultural empowerment.
Rosey Stone is a collection made from the softest organic hand-spun cotton, bamboo and silk textiles. The timeless spirit that characterizes the brand; light natural fabrics that become more and more beautiful with time, wash and wear, relaxed, elegant cuts, and an eye for detail.


Mindful Sourcing |  Rosey Stone uses organic, hand-spun cotton, bamboo, khadi and silk textiles | "this is supporting an ancient art and contributing to a positive change for the organic cotton farms as well as the hand spinning and weaving communities. All dyes are plant based and natural"

Considered Design: Rosey Stone designs timeless pieces that are both versatile, classic and enduring

Cultural Empowerment: Rosey Stone lives and works in India with the women who weave her garments ensuring fair pay and honest collaboration and connection.