Monsoon Blooms

Monsoon Blooms is a lifestyle brand that makes loungewear, intimates and Yoga mats out of conscious fabrics like Fairtrade organic cotton and bamboo. It was created by husband and wife team Samantha & Krishna, and begun as a way to keep their baby son, Cypress, connected to his Indian heritage, and to force them to go back to India regularly. 

Samantha is Australian, Krishna (her husband) was raised by his Grandparents in a small village just near the dye house Monsoon blooms now work with, he grew up on the principles of Ayurvedic wisdom. Krishna's family made their own medicines and had several handlooms in their house that they used to weave fabric.

"It feels really special to be supporting an industry and ethos that they believed in and lived by. Cypress may never get to meet his Indian ancestors, but we hope to let their values live on in his day-to-day life."

Through Monsoon Blooms they hope to preserve and promote the traditions of dyeing clothes with Ayurvedic medicine; a wisdom that has centuries of history yet is fading in India, the place of it's origin. Monsoon Blooms hope that through their work, and support, these ancient techniques aren't lost. 



Manufacturing & Production | We pay everyone we work with well above minimum wages set by local laws, usually about 30 times more than what would be paid by a fast fashion brand, and have a no negotiation policy through every step of the business. Our suppliers know their worth and we don't care to argue with that.

Cultural Empowerment | Preserving Ayurvedic Indian Cultural traditions rapidly being lost to a modern technological age in India

Organic Fibres & Natural Dye | Monsoon Blooms organic cotton is dyed in the south of India with Ayurvedic medicine like neem and sandalwood, whilst our bamboo is dyed in Indonesia using sustainable leaf dyes like mango and mahogany.