Ita Nia

ITA NIA means “ours” and “yours” in Tetun, the East Timorese language, also the mother tongue of our founder’s maternal roots. Unlike many other brands, ITA NIA was born out of the need to create more creative employment opportunities for the young women in the country. We have a local team of 14 machinists, 12 women and 2 men. At the helm of ITA NIA are two Aussie gals who are big on slow fashion, fit and construction, spreading kindness and Kpop. As the first locally produced clothing brand to push ‘Made in Timor-Leste’ to the world we want to be known for high quality, low volume and more importantly, ethical production. It’s a big responsibility and one that we take on with a lot of pride.



The design and production of ITA NIA is made in the island country of Timor-Leste in our very own production house. This means that every piece of ITA NIA is sewn and hand cut by one of the 12 local women and 2 men that we employ.

ETHICAL PRODUCTION | We pride ourselves in ethical production. For us, that means more than just fair labour and good working hours and conditions. It’s about creating a work culture that encourages ongoing learning and development. Our production house, sweetly named ‘The Fanshop’ from the many fans we have is bright, spacious and on any given day, has a selection of East Timorese classics, Bollywood and top 40 hits. We all knock off at 6pm and siesta naps are still very much alive.

CONSCIOUS DESIGN | We design small ranges, choosing to focus on the quality of each design rather than the quantity. The principle that less is more is very much in our design process and every piece is deliberately designed to transcend seasons.

PRODUCING TO ORDER | Having our own production house means we never have to bulk produce garments. We keep a small amount of reserve stock and produce as orders come through. This ensures minimal waste and greater efficiencies.