Flash Jewellery

FLASH JEWELLERY was created somewhat 'accidentally' by designer and founder, Nina Flash Gordon. Nina has always been big on a family, and she spent a great deal of her childhood years with her parents. She began her journey in crafting metal early on during school, with the encouragement and influence of her father, in his car parts garage. Her dad got her into metal, and she grew up wanting to be a mechanic just like him.

But her mother was the real catalyst for turning her attention away from the car yard, toward jewellery, due to her impressive home collection. Nina and her mother even did a jewellers night course together.
After studying silversmithing and working in the metal design industry by "bluffing" her way into the role. Nina combined both her interests of metal and fashion and not long after, Flash was born. Worn by friends originally, but as most good things worth wearing go, people caught wind of Flash and within a small time frame her first collection was made.

Since then, FLASH has been featured in publications such as Australian Vogue, British Vogue, Fashion Quarterly NZ, Remix Magazine, Viva and Fashion Journal Australia. Not to mention, her pieces have been adored and worn by Lorde, Broods Music, Carmen Hamilton of Chronicles of Her and Yasmin Statute.



Small Batch & Handmade | "Having been a metal worker on the factory floor, I know what the conditions are like. For me, it was really important that our jewellery continued is handmade when we found a manufacturer - There's something really special about the process and the feel of the jewellery when you wear it, it has more meaning. We have an amazing manufacture in India, our jewellery is made traditionally by artisans in small batches, we don't overproduce, we accept imperfections and we're loyal knowing we are supporting their livelihoods.

Manufacturing & Production | "They have good conditions that they are happy with - As a westerner it's important we don't insult in and try and change there traditional ways, we have offered to buy them new work-desks, stools, tools ect, but they insist they are happy and it's their way of doing things, so we respect that."

Mindful Sourcing | "We are currently in the process of moving away from plastic and changing all of our packagings to be foam and plastic free. We are looking at reusable products that are handy and you want to use over and over again."