Lets talk about ethics

If you've made your way here, chances are you already give a damn, that also means you are our ideal customer. So we would like to thank you by giving you our insiders only discount code "giveadamn101' for 5% off your purchase at checkout. This code doesn't expire. You can use this again and again and again, that's the benefit you get for being a damn good human. Go you!
As for our statement of ethics, we are aware that the term "ethical" is incredibly broad, and depending on your personal worldview, what you define as ethical, might be totally different to someone down the road. We're all different, and therefore so are our ideas on ethics.  
We also understand it is incredibly hard to be absolutely perfect in business today, every action you take will have a negative, unintended reaction. But it doesn't mean it's not possible to try our hardest to be conscious of our impact and seek to reduce them or counteract them.
We aim to be as transparent as possible, therefore, listed below is our statement of ethics. The labels featured on our site, fulfill at least one of these ethical practises in their business, many fulfill multiple. Nonetheless, these are the core values that underpin the way we do business and who we do it with.

1. Fair Working Conditions 

Labels work with accredited ethical garment factories that are legally bound to provide respect, fair hours, wages, healthcare, family support, and a genuine interest in their employees. Labels ensure that their profit does not come at the cost of those who make their garments.

2. Giving Back

Labels use their position in the market and as social influencers to promote and support important ethical causes. Labels use their profit for purpose and direct or donate it to organisations that are creating a kinder world for everyone.

3. Environmentally Conscious

Labels actively seek to reduce waste and their carbon footprint. They use recycled products and packaging, upcycled materials, biodegradable bags, smart washing practises, and cleaner shipping companies. They support environmental initiatives.

4. Empowering Communities

Labels partner, collaborate and involve themselves in companies, organisations, and initiatives that empower, educate, and support our humanness. From at-risk youth to remote communities, refugee centers, garment workies and more. Labels give a damn about the humans & seek to use business to do good & alleviate suffering or poverty.

5. Natural Organic Materials

Labels mindfully source organic materials, natural inks, and textiles that have not contributed to toxic soils, genetically modified crops, river pollution, and high carbon emissions. Labels seek offcuts, and upcycled materials helping to prevent landfill build up.

6. Small Batch & Hand Made

Labels only make items to order or hand make each item, promoting slow fashion, high garment care, the longevity of garments, and minimal waste due to changing trends.

7. Well Considered Designs

Well considered designs are possibly the number one to be ethical. Well-considered designs mean that the textiles have been well crafted, the design has been considered in order to create timeless pieces that surpass seasonality. They have been designed to provide form and function without compromising quality, style, and longevity. Well considered designs are made to love for a lifetime. Our labels all share this unique trait, helping to prevent, fast, cheap, throwaway fashion, and instead, building a wardrobe you can be proud of and cherish for life.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to start a dialogue about what you believe constitutes an ethical business and believe there are areas in which we could do better, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you, we are always striving to do more.