Our Story

Community is a new Australian online space featuring a collective of slow, sustainable, ethical labels. But it’s more than clothes, it’s a lifestyle. 

We are Perth sisters, Casey & Hayley Malone, and founders of Community Concept Store.

Community was born out of our own personal journey toward a kinder, cleaner, more sustainable existence - and we’re still on that journey - we will never be done. We wanted to shift the way the world currently consumes, and the way we typically do business. We wanted to give ethical junkies, hardcore minimalists, slow living advocates, sustainability gurus, and more broadly, every day people like us a fun, engaging platform that ‘truly helps others to help the earth’ - so Community was made, an online space where conscious communities can shop, worry free, with choice, transparency, and convenience. We wanted to empower a generation to make conscious choices with the way that they spend.

We wanted to ‘make it easy to do good’.

We know as a whole we can do better, and we know just how easy it can be.
We realised early on that the current process for conscious shopping didn’t make it all that ‘easy to do good’. There’s plenty of good things out there, but it’s a bit of a lengthy process to actually find them. So we created Community to help solve that problem, by creating a home for ethical makers + buyers to connect. A space that people could shop and feel good about where their money goes, and where their clothes come from.
Community was created to save you time in endless research, hopping between a million different sites + having to pay multiple shipping fees. We aim to bring all of your favourite ethical labels to the one place.
Determined to fulfil our mission to make profit for purpose, and having backgrounds in NGO’s and International Development, we knew that a large part of our focus as a conscious business would be on ensuring we are part of the solution, ensuring that we are a business that does good, a business that empowers, a business that gives back.

We are very proud supporters of Surf Rider Australia, donating $2 of every purchase to their campaign to save our shores and protect our oceans. With hopes that as we grow, so will our impact. We aim to be plastic free, we aim to support our communities, and we aim to always be better than yesterday.
Our hope is that we can inspire you to be a part of our community and live a more conscious, connected and intentional life.

Welcome to your Community.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create a world that fully recognises the impact of their business practices and spending habits; a world in which all of us are actively striving to heal our world and our communities, through the clothes we wear, the garments we make, and the connections we build.
     Our Purpose
 Our purpose is to create a supportive, transparent, educational & empowering space that allows for a connection between creator, consumer & the way we interact with our planet and ourselves.

Our Values

 Community & Connection
Education & Empowerment 
Ethical, Honest & Conscious 
Inclusive & Innovative 
Slow Living & Self Care