Ten Minutes with Keira Mason @keiramary_

We discovered Keira on social media six months ago, after launching our Community Concept Store on Instagram. Better yet, she discovered us, and we've actively kept in contact since. As most people will tell you, Keira is someone you feel compelled to connect with, she's endlessly open, kind, accepting and generous.
Keira is a content creator, health coach & conscious living believer. In search of a more heart-centered lifestyle, Keira and her husband, Jared decided to dedicate one year of their life to openness, slow living, and embracing opportunities in Canggu, Bali, where they have been residing since May this year.
She spends her time working on creative projects with conscious brands and developing her health coaching business. Her intention in these endeavours is to continue to encourage women and men to adopt a slower, healthier and more conscious lifestyle. We think she's doing an amazing job at fulfiling that mission.
We caught up with Keira in Canggu, this past July. Needless to say, our whole day's schedule was immediately thrown out the window as we got lost in conscious conversation about ethical fashion, authentic living and meaningful connection. it was then I realised just how special Keira is, and how important her work is to our community. Read on to learn more:


Why is ethical fashion becoming so popular and why is it so important?

I think culturally, we are starting to become more aware of the implications of our actions, which is so positive to see. The concept of 'fast and cheap' is starting to lose it's sparkle as we become more educated on the social and environmental impacts caused by fast fashion. People want to be part of the movement that's calling for awareness and change in the subject of human rights and our environment; causes that are undeniably admissible.


What does ethical living mean to you?

I could talk about the answer to this question all day! But, to put it simply; I want the choices I make in life to empower, encourage and enable. Whether that be the environment, my loved ones, or people on the other side of the world who I have never met. Every choice I make speaks to my values and I want that to be something I can be proud of.


What does it mean to you to feel empowered?

For me, the feeling of empowerment comes when my body and mind connect and aspire toward a significant purpose. Sometimes that purpose is work, self-confidence or generally a state of being; and sometimes is brought on by myself, and sometimes by community. Experiencing empowerment allows me to fully express myself in every form.


What is one thing you believe the world should do more of?

Eat whole foods. We have created a world of convenience, especially when it comes to food, constant advancement has disconnected us from our health and the earth. I believe there is so much healing, physical, mentally and spiritually that can take place through connecting with food in it's most whole form.


If you could solve one problem in the world what would it be?

Greed. We are an ego driven society and sadly, this effects some of the largest decisions that we and our governments make. I think if the concept of greed were eliminated, we would be looking at the world through a different lense.


What made you want to work with Community Concept Store?

Oh my goodness, well firstly, I'm a sucker for women getting out there and making their dreams happen! I live for that stuff! I also love the concept of Community. A meeting place that brings conscious minded women and makers together to support and encourage each other. Need a say more?


What are your top three leading values in life?

1. Generosity

2. Love

3. Gratitude

I think these are all amazing values to show yourself and others.


Why are female friendships so important?

Oh gosh, you are asking this to a woman who has just moved away from all of her closest ladies! Just FYI, I miss them EVERY. DAY. I think I only started to understand how important my female friendships were few years ago when I went through a bit of a self-development stage. For a long time I was embarrassed at the thought of 'needing' friends to help me or encourage me. I wanted to be self-empowered, which I still think is amazing, but I also know how important it is to step away from the pressure we place on ourselves and the importance of having a female community to encourage us, challenge us and to learn from. There is something special about the bond that women share and the power that's generated when they come together. I want to be part of that every day of my life.


What makes you feel like a goddess?

Being completely immersed in nature. It has this crazy effect on me; it makes me feel wild and strong, yet humble and peaceful. There's nothing else like it.


What does slow living look like for you?

Slow living in our household is all about patience and self-awareness. We used to live such busy lives that we were never able to process, let alone act on our emotional and physical needs at the time. We now create space in our days to meditate and listen to what our mind and body is communicating to us. Instead of challenging and pushing against ourselves, we practice acceptance and grace and spend our days filled with things that nourish our current self. Those things could be reading, walks, podcasts, grounding, time connecting as a couple or time with friends.

We also love the concept of slow food. We love cooking and try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. We have become a 'here and now' society but we were designed to connect with nature and our food. We take the time to enjoy it and love the community it creates.


Who inspires you the most and why?

I am constantly inspired by everyday people and their stories. I think it’s important to remember that you don't have to be a 'someone' to inspire those around you. Right now my biggest inspirations are my collective family (we are a tight bunch and they inspire me to create community and connections like ours out in the world) and Hillary McBride; her words and teachings are straight-up treasure.


Best book you’ve read lately?

'What is the Bible' by Rob Bell. It blew my mind.



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